How to Enjoy Your Time in Tenerife?


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How to Enjoy Your Time in Tenerife?

Tenerife is one of the many beautiful destinations that...

Tenerife is one of the many beautiful destinations that is known for its unique landscapes with the highest peaks. This tourist place has never failed to attract the attention of tourists worldwide.

This island offers everything in one place, be it the volcanic mountains to climb, snorkelling experience with the aqua life, relaxing on the beaches, and so on.

Club Canary is one of the many tourist companies in Tenerife that offers a wonderful touring experience when in this place.

They can offer many things for their customers including buggy safari Tenerife services. You can check their webpage to learn more about their services, and the benefits of hiring them.

To-Do List in Tenerife 

When in Tenerife, you will not like to miss many things. Here are some such things that you should do when in Tenerife.

· The Cool and Breezy Sailing Tours 

The sailing tours that are available in Tenerife can offer the best sailing experience for visitors. While on the ride, you can enjoy the splashing of water, take a snorkelling dive, see dolphins while on the beach waters, and so on.

· Animal Watching in Loro Zoo 

Animal lovers can have a blast when in Loro Zoo. Some animals such as gorillas, seals and sea lions, red pandas, parrots, sloths, lemurs, flamingos, turtles, and many such animals can be viewed in this zoo having their relaxing time of the day. Some bird species that are not easily found in the other parts can also be noticed here.

· Whale Watching 

The highlights of Tenerife are whale watching, especially the humpback whales. The pilot and humpback whales can be noticed swimming around all year long in Tenerife.

· Touring the Mountains 

Pico del Teide is one of the best lava fields that are found in Tenerife. You can get a wonderful panoramic view of the whole place when you take a hike along this mountain. This is the right starting point to enjoy paragliding as well.

Buggy Cruises 

Buggy cruises are one of the best forms of entertainment that tourists can enjoy when in Tenerife. You can stay assured that every excursion will offer a thrilling experience on this buggy ride.

These cruises are suitable for all kinds of tourists including couples, family members, friends, and so on.

You can plan the buggy ride by first reaching the site. The drivers with the hangers of buggies will first reach the spot to take you to the location.

The rental services will then get the necessary paperwork done before handing over the buggies to you. If you are willing to drive these vehicles, then it is strictly required that you own a driver’s license.

The initial requirement is that the passengers that travel in buggies should be over 1.2 meters tall and have crossed 12 years.

Once you have fulfilled all the necessary criteria to drive the buggies, the rental service will then brief you about the precautionary measures and rules to follow while riding them.

Buggies are of many kinds. The experts will first analyse the type of buggy that works the best for you and will offer you the right one. Safety goggles and bandanas are mandatory to ride them to escape from wind and dust.

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