Upgrade With Confidence: When And How To Change Your Bike Insurance Policy


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Purchasing bike insurance protects your two-wheeler from various unforeseen losses and damages. Identifying potential gaps in your existing coverage and making informed decisions when upgrading is essential. The coverage provided and the types of damages and losses protected against are pivotal factors in determining the adequacy of your online bike insurance.

Evaluating Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

Due to the unique nature of each bike, potential damage varies based on maintenance and handling. Basic third-party bike insurance with standard coverage is a legal requirement, but understanding your specific needs is essential. Utilising a bike insurance calculator, which considers your bike’s make, model, and brand, can help plan and select comprehensive coverage. Online platforms simplify switching or upgrading your two-wheeler insurance.

Determining Coverage Needs

Switching from your current policy to a new one can be seamlessly done through online platforms. Utilising an insurance calculator assists in gauging the ideal coverage for your specific bike, ensuring adequate protection.

When To Modify Or Update Your Bike Insurance Coverage

  • During Policy Renewal: Renewing your policy allows you to consider upgrading or customising If you need a different policy, use the renewal process to make necessary adjustments.
  • Mid-Term Adjustments: Modifying your insurance plan during the policy tenure is possible, though there are better times. Notify your current provider, follow their policies, and cancel your existing policy to initiate the coverage from the new plan.
  • Upon Selling Your Bike: Transferring the online bike insurance policy to the new owner is essential when selling your two-wheeler. A prompt transfer ensures a seamless transition and avoids complications from a lack of valid insurance.
  • When Purchasing A New Bike: If you buy a new bike, the existing policy may not be applicable, necessitating the purchase of a new one. Aligning the current policy’s expiration date with purchasing the new motorcycle allows a smoother transition.

Dealing With An Expired Policy:

Riding with a lapsed or ineffective policy is against the law and violates traffic regulations.

Be proactive in monitoring policy expiration to decide whether to renew or upgrade during bike insurance renewal.

Avoiding Policy Lapses

Allowing your policy to lapse before obtaining a new one can lead to complications and increased insurance rates. The period between the lapse and acquiring a new policy might result in higher motorbike insurance rates. To prevent this, stay vigilant about policy expiration dates and act promptly to secure a new policy without any lapses.

Choosing Your Bike Insurance Needs

Online platforms simplify upgrading or obtaining a new bike insurance policy through customer service assistance and a user-friendly calculator. Additionally, the transition allows you to retain your No Claim Bonus from the previous insurance, a benefit that may be lost when switching to a different policy. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

Knowing when to switch or upgrade your bike insurance plan ensures comprehensive coverage. While starting with a robust insurance policy is essential, life circumstances may necessitate modifications. Whether doing your Bajaj Allianz third-party two-wheeler insurance renewal, adjusting mid-term, selling, buying a new bike, or dealing with an expired policy, timely action and informed decisions are crucial to maintaining adequate two-wheeler insurance coverage. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

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