7 Souvenirs to Take Back Home from Shillong 


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Shillong invites you to witness a beautiful fusion of the East Khasi hills and tribal communities. It is home to various fruit production houses to local artisans. With such an affluence of art and culture comes so many different shopping options in bustling markets. The city’s markets are a vibrant mix of traditional and modern shopping experiences with something for everyone! If you are looking to buy souvenirs for your loved ones during your trip, then this guide is sure to help you!

Right from traditional handicrafts to unique spices, you can find a lot in the nooks and corners of Shillong. Moreover, you get an opportunity to strike conversations with farmers and other sellers who are open to giving lots of information about the culture of the state. To experience all this and more in the best possible way, try to book the hotels in Shillong with the best locations for a comfortable stay.

Top 7 Souvenirs to Take Back Home from Shillong are – 

1. Ethnic Handicrafts

Shillong is best known for handicraft items that depict the lifestyle and artistry of its people. These are made by artisans who practice the craft for generations and pass on their legacy to future artisans. Do not miss buying them as each piece is made with traditional techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind art.

Some handicrafts even showcase the region’s rich cultural diversity with rich patterns and unique work. Bamboo baskets are famous in most markets. Some of the other popular shopping items include textiles, jewellery, pottery and intricate wood carvings. There is something for everyone in Shillong’s vibrant handicrafts markets. If shopping is your main goal, check for Treebo Shillong hotels near the markets for a budget-friendly stay.

2. Accessories

Wouldn’t you like to carry something you need that exactly depicts your travel locations? To do so Shillong surprises you with amazing accessories that showcase a blend of traditional styles and modern designs. Here, you can find a wide range of accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets.

The best thing about these accessories is the usage of different materials such as beads, stones and metals. You can find a variety of such pieces in Police Bazaar offering both traditional and contemporary designs at reasonable prices. If you are a fan of tribal jewellery, the Lewduh market is one of the places to be.

3. Handbags

In a beautiful city like Shillong, you cannot miss the intricacy and cultural depiction in handbags. You can find a wide range of options, from leather to fabric bags in various shapes and sizes. If you are looking for handcrafted bags made by local artisans, the Shillong Arts and Crafts Centre is a must-visit.

What’s so different about these handbags? They are made with exquisite materials including cotton and silk with locally sourced dyes. The bags here are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. So, why wait to buy a great blend of style and elegance?

4. Organic Fruits

Shillong is surrounded by lush green hills and valleys with ideal climatic conditions. This makes Shillong an ideal place for the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits which are a must buy! One of the best places for organic fruit shopping in Shillong is the Iewduh market. You can find a wide variety of fruits including bananas, oranges, pineapples and guavas. 

You get the best deals for organic fruits here and you can also get a bamboo basket to put them in. You can also find exotic fruits including star fruit, dragon fruit and rambutan free from pesticides and chemicals. To best enjoy the shopping experience, look for Treebo Shillong near the organic markets. 

5. Khasi Knives

Khasi knives known as da or tong are traditional knives that are an integral part of the culture of Meghalaya. While the markets are filled with vibrant colors of handbags and accessories, it is also significant to take something that reflects the traditional artistry of the tribal group. 

You can find knives in different sizes and designs, ranging from ornate handles to simple wooden ones. If you are interested in handcrafted knives, the Shillong Arts and Crafts Centre is the perfect destination. Check out different hotels in Shillong for a comfortable stay while you shop.

6. Fashion Apparels

As you travel, dressing and fashion differs everywhere! Hence, Shillong offers jaw-dropping pieces of beauty in the form of traditional dresses, shawls and modern wear too. You can find a variety of styles, colors, and designs ranging from simple and elegant to ornate and flashy.

You can also find a range of traditional dresses such as jainsem and mekhela chador. Getting one of these would indeed be one of the best ways to surprise someone. Also, look for hotels in Shillong near the famous markets so you never have to worry about the commute.

7. Beauty Kits

While it may sound crazy, there are various bazaars in Shillong where you can find international beauty kits. Various beauty products from Japan and Korea are available in the Police Bazaar. However, keep an eye out for them since only specific shops sell it. 

A remarkable collection of beauty products from China can also be found in the bustling markets of Shillong. Make sure to check at different shops before paying a high price for it. Also, talk to locals and understand the pricing strategies to be safe in such cases.

If you are thinking of exploring the vibrant markets here, make sure to book Treebo Shillong hotels for a fun time. Treebo hotels are a perfect deal for comfort, budget-friendly prices and great hospitality.

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Shillong invites travellers to experience a fusion of modernity and traditional shopping all at one place. So, pack your bags to arrive at this one stop destination for serenity, stay and shopping!


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