Beaches and Beyond: Exploring Vietnam’s Coastal Paradise


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Vietnam is well-known for being a tropical heaven with stunning beaches strewn over its whole length, from the north coast to the south. Each year, thousands of local and foreign visitors are drawn to the area by the white sand shore, crystal-clear water, and mouthwatering seafood which are a major part of every Vietnam trip from India by Segv. Out of Vietnam’s beaches, some have made it onto certain lists of the greatest beaches in the world.

Nature has gifted Vietnam with some of the most stunning coastlines in the world along its approximately 3000 km of coastline. Let’s delve deep into Vietnam’s Coastal Paradise in this article.

  1. Beach at Nha Trang, Nha Trang

With its cosy beach line, white sand, and crystal-clear water, Nha Trang beach, which is located on the south-central coastline of Vietnam, is regarded as the country’s most attractive beach. Additionally, National Geographic magazine named Nha Trang beach one of the top 100 beaches in the world. This bustling coastal city draws hundreds of visitors each year. There are a number of upscale hotels and resorts, like Vinpearl Resort, which offers cable car services so you may enjoy a stunning aerial view of the beach.

The beach offers a wide variety of leisure activities. Participating in water recreational activities, skyboarding, or diving can keep you entertained. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the delectable seafood that is freshly prepared at many restaurants near the coast.

  1. Beach My Khe in Da Nang

The most worthwhile town in Vietnam, Da Nang, lies 3 kilometres from My Khe beach. My Khe Beach is regarded as one of the nicest beaches in Vietnam, much like Nha Trang Beach is. The splendour of My Khe, which stretches for 10 kilometres from the Son Tra Peninsula to Ngu He He (Marble mountain), was named one of the world’s top six most romantic beaches by Forbes.

The beach boasts a stunning crescent-shaped area of white sand coastline that has a serene atmosphere. From Son Tra Peninsula, you can see the lovely coast. My Khe beach is less congested than Nha Trang beach, making it the perfect place to unwind during your vacation.

  1. Beach at Ky Co, Quy Nhon

Ky Co Beach, also referred to as Vietnam’s Maldives, is a worthwhile stop if you get the chance to discover Quy Nhon, another coastal province in the country’s south-central region. Nhon Ly Commune, which is located 25 kilometres from Quy Nhon City, is home to Ky Co Beach. People will be astounded by the pristine splendour of nature when you visit Ky Co Beach. Ky Co is a little beach, but the turquoise ocean and craggy granite walls make for a beautiful landscape. You can register for a diving excursion to see the coral reefs that are hidden beneath the clear sea.

  1. Beach at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

200 kilometres separate Ho Chi Minh City from Mui Ne Beach, which is located in Phan Thiet Province. Numerous city inhabitants select Mui Ne as their chosen vacation spot due to the low travel time. Mui Ne Beach is renowned for its shifting sand dunes, clear water, and abundant sunshine. Kite surfing and sand surfing are enjoyable activities. One of Vietnam’s greatest sunsets may be seen at Mui Ne Beach. Thus, Finding a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature is simple here and one must choose this destination while planning a Vietnam trip from India.

  1. Cua Dai Beach  in Hoi An

Don’t miss the breathtaking beach that is only 5 km from Hoi An the Old Town if you are there. The most stunning coastline in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam is Cua Dai. Cua Dai Beach is referred to by locals as “the woman’s grace” of Hoi An. The beach boasts clean water, mild waves, and soft white sand. There is a tranquil fishing community nearby, surrounded by coconut tree groves. You can spend some time here roaming and getting to know the locals.

  1. Ninh Thuan Ninh Chu beach

Khanh Hai, Ninh Thuan District is home to Ninh Chu Beach. Due to the wild coastline that forms a crescent shape, the white sand, and the chilly environment, this lovely seaside draws a lot of tourists. You can engage in a few activities including surfing, swimming, fishing, taking a boat tour, etc. Ninh Chu Beach has all you need for a pleasant vacation despite not being as congested as Nha Trang or My Khe beach.

  1. Long Beach – Phu Quoc

Long Beach must be included on any list of the top beaches in Vietnam. The Vietnamese pearl island of Phu Quoc is located to the northwest of Long Beach. Long Beach, which stretches for 20 km, is a vacationers’ dream with its white sands, blue waters, and serene ambience. It is perfect for lounging down by the beach to sunbathe and watch the sunset, but you can also go swimming or diving if you like. Long Beach once grabbed the top spot among the top 13 untamed and stunning beaches in the world in 2008.

  1. Beach at Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh

Quy Nhon is fortunate to have a long, arc-shaped stretch of white sand beach, a quiet bay, and a forested cliff rising from the water. Since there are so many upscale resorts on the seaside, it is regarded as one of the greatest beaches for travellers looking for a restful and opulent vacation. All of your needs are met at Quy Nhon Beach, where you may indulge in fine seafood and a variety of leisure pursuits. The beach looks magnificent in the south with fishing boats lined up along the shore and a tranquil settlement where you can walk and take in the vibrant local culture.

  1. Dam Trau Beach – Con Dao

Con Dao island was once a prison during the war; yet, not a lot of people have heard of its exceptional features. Dam Trau coastline, one of Vietnam’s most remote beaches, is located on the island. The beach at Dam Trau is found in the island’s north, close to Co Ong Airport. Walking along the shore, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the sand’s smoothness, the emerald ocean, and the formless rocks. There is a good probability that you may see an aeroplane flying pretty close to your head if you roam around here between 10 and 11 in the morning!


In a nutshell, Vietnam is the best and most beautiful place to visit and explore its natural and magnificent beauty of the coastlines when planning a trip from India.

The activities and fun exploring the beaches is beyond visiting anywhere in the world instead of the magnificent beaches and the peaceful serene water with gigantic sea waves will make you feel so alive that you might not be willing to go back soon!

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