Summer Paradise – Know the 5 Top Beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach


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Summer Paradise – Know the 5 Top Beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Alabama Gulf Coast attracts worldwide tourists for an essential...

Alabama Gulf Coast attracts worldwide tourists for an essential escape from the hot summer wave. Within the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, there are many hidden stretches of sand offering unique beach experiences.

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5 Top beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

 Alabama Point East

It is located on the eastern tip of Perdido Pass. It offers you a serene escape away from the crowded beaches. Here you get to see the emerald Gulf water meet the turquoise bay, which is spectacular.

The white sand has an abundance of pretty seashells, which is a delightful activity for your children. Even seashell collectors are attracted to the Perdido Pass.

As the beach lies in a secluded area, you will not have to search around for a spot to relax and sunbathe. The waves are gentle, allowing your young kids to wade and splash. The calm waters allow new kayakers and paddle boarders to explore the peaceful coastline.

Reasons to visit

Untouched beauty – Escape the crowd and experience the unspoiled exquisiteness of the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Shelling paradise – Fill your pockets with a variety of seashells. It is a treasured souvenir of your summer paradise vacation.

Calm waters – Ideal for families with children or those looking for a serene swimming experience.

Paddleboarding & kayaking – Explore the calm water and discover the hidden coves of Perdido Pass.

2. Gulf State Park Pavilion

It is located within the Gulf State Park, where you can experience a vibrant beach experience with all the conveniences. As the location is in the centre of the park, you can gain access to lots of amenities like restrooms, changing facilities, drinks & snacks, and souvenir shops. During peak season, lifeguards patrol the beach to ensure the safety of swimmers.

It is a family-friendly beach offering sufficient space to build sandcastles, play volleyball or relax under Alabama sun.

The waves are gentle to splash around, but if you want a thrill, rent banana boats or jet skis for an adrenalin rush.

Reasons to visit

Family-friendly zone – With lots of amenities and calm waters, the beach is ideal for families with children of all ages.

Adventurous activities– Banana boats, jet skis, and parasailing allow for an adventurous beach experience.

Scenic beauty – You can relax and enjoy the remarkable views of the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Cotton Bayou

Cotton Bayou is a paradise for nature lovers, situated inside the Gulf State Park. It is a blend of untouched coastline and calm bay ideal for exploring the region’s diverse ecosystem.

Kayak and paddleboard rentals allow you to venture into the serene bay, swarming with marine life. Shallow waters allow your kids to explore the wonders of the way safely.

Birdwatchers get a chance to spot a variety of avian species. The beach has a border of towering dunes, which are challenging to climb. You gain access to restrooms and changing facilities.

Reasons to visit

Natural wonders – The bay has a diverse ecosystem rich in bird and marine life.

Calm waters – Kids can practice their swimming as you relax under the Alabama sun.

Stand-up paddleboarding – Enjoy the serenity of the natural surroundings as you glide across the calm bay water.

Sand dune challenge – Test your endurance and climb the towering dunes to get a peak of the coastline’s panoramic views.

4. Gulf Place

Gulf Place located at the end of Highway 59 in Gulf Shores, pulses with energy. It is the main public beach of the town, where you can spend a fun-filled day. There are ample parking options.

You even get ample convenient amenities close by, so setting up a camp is easy. The beach is lively, so you will find lifeguards patrolling the beach to ensure a safe environment.

The atmosphere of the Gulf Place is vibrant, which visitors find appealing; volleyball nets mark the shoreline, inviting you for a friendly competition or watching the action unfold.

For water activities, you get beach rentals ranging from parasailing and jet skis to kayaks and paddleboards. You can either choose to go for a thrilling ride or opt for a more leisurely exploration of the Gulf waters.

Reasons to visit

Non-stop fun – The atmosphere is lively, and your teenage kids will adore it.

Thrilling activities – Rent a parasail or jet skis, or try a new water sport for an adrenalin rush.

Convenience – Ample parking, food vendors, restrooms, and lifeguards ensure a hassle-free beach experience.

Beachside entertainment – Beach rentals, volleyball courts and shoreline restaurants offer endless entertainment opportunities.

5. West Beach at Little Lagoon Pass

West Beach offers a contrasting experience of the Gulf Shores. It is a serene gateway from the hustle and bustle. It is located near the juncture of the Little Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a slender strip of unspoiled sand with views of both water bodies. There is no concern about parking and restrooms.

West Beach gives access to the calm waterway of the Little Lagoon. You can rent a paddleboard or kayak and explore the hidden coves of the lagoon rich in diverse marine life.

The waters are shallow so that you can visit the beach with your kids. They can splash water and build sandcastles. Carry your camera to capture a variety of native avian species.

Ensure to book Gulf Shores rentals for your chosen beach in advance to avoid no vacancy!

Reasons to visit

Peaceful getaway – The beach is secluded and pristine so that you can escape the noise of the crowded popular beaches.

Lagoon adventures – Discover the hidden wonders of kayaking or paddleboarding the Little Lagoon’s calm waters.

Family-friendly – A relaxed atmosphere and shallow water are ideal for families with young kids.

Nature connection – Watch the diverse marine life and birdlife that survive in the lagoon ecosystem.


Gulf Shores and Orange Beach encompass a diverse range of beaches suitable for people with different preferences. You can choose to look for a tranquil escape to a vibrant atmosphere or a connection with nature.

There is an ideal beach waiting to be discovered. So, pack your sense of adventure, swimsuit and beach towel this summer to explore the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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